Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There Ain't No Party Like A Caucus Party

Precinct caucuses tonight!

I love going to caucuses. I love to gather with a group of my like-minded neighbors and discuss practical ideas for making our city, county, and country a better place. I love feeling like my voice is heard. There's nothing like participating in local politics to remind a person that one vote counts!

*shiver* It just gets me all hot and bothered :-D

I brought Pukka with, because I want to get civic engagement in her blood early. Does anyone else remember voting with their parents? In the small, rural southern town where I was born they still used voting booths with curtains and buttons to push and handles to pull. It was all VERY exciting to a three year old!

This is Cora going to vote with us last November. I wanted to take a picture inside where all the voting booths were, but then I realized they might think I was trying to pull some funny business and throw me out or something. That would be embarrassing. And also a bad civic engagement example for Cora. So, we went in the hall instead ;-) But still, here's the proof--the page behind us says, in tiny letters, "Voter's Bill Of Rights." Don't ask me what's going on with her hood here, because I do not know.

We the people, yo!

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