Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introduction To Introduction Week

I've decided to officially call this Introduction Week!

Today, let's catch up on everything that happened from Point A, when I created this blog, to Point B, when I wrote my first post. It's only nine months, so it shouldn't take too long, right?

May 2011: Pukka Born

I know I'm biased, but look! So precious, right?

We have a whirlwind couple of weeks during which we get the hang of breastfeeding, relatives come to meet the new addition, I learn that recovery from birth lasts quite a bit longer than I was expecting (maybe it was the nine hours of pushing?), and there is no sleep. (I'll tell my/our birth story another day.)

O.k., one of us slept.

And then nursed. And slept again.
(Sorry for the boob shot--there was no containing them post-birth!)

A blissful summer follows, as Pukka's birth was timed to match my husband's University work schedule, meaning we all three got to spend the whole summer at home together! It was every bit as amazing as it sounds. Every family should get to spend those amazing, attachment-building first months together.

First car ride. We took her to the beach 10 min. north of us.

Lots of lake walks were taken.

Many weddings were attended, in style I might add.

During this first precious summer we visited lots of family, from North Dakota to New Mexico. Pukka got to meet grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, and even brought together family members who had been feuding for twenty years! (Yeah, my father's side is Jewish and sometimes plays into the whole passionate-fighting-all-the-time stereotype. I'm half Chicago Jew and half Midwestern-silent-stoic German. My poor husband.)
In New Mexico, ruins were explored...

and green chili was eaten. Lots of it!

Celebrated our 2nd anniversary with our 2 mo. old in July.
(The downside of a Spring birth is wearing swimsuits immediately postpartum. Ugh.)

September 2011: My Husband Starts A Ph.D. Program

The celebratory champagne flutes were clunk (clinked?)

Not only did he start a Ph. D. program, work started back up for him full-time as well. Things changed a bit in our household. I became a more classic example of the "watch the baby, clean the house, cook dinner" stay-at-home mom. And since we down-sized to one car (one of many cost-saving measures to afford being at home with the baby), outings are at a minimum. Parent groups like La Leche League saved my life, as they gave (still give) me a way to meet other moms, a connection to the outside world, and a reason to change out of pajama pants earlier than2 p.m. Alright, alright, 3 p.m.

At the end of September, my husband flew overseas for school (grad school is located in England), and Pukka and I took the train for 13 hours to visit my mom and her side of the family. My husband teared up when he said goodbye. Having to be away from the little lady for a whole week was rough on him. The baby did remarkably well, and enjoyed the train :-) Her Grandma, Great-Grandma, and great-aunts and -uncles loved getting to see her! Despite having her first cold, fun was had by all. Oh, and great kindness was shown to me on the train. I'm sure it helped that Pukka is an engaging baby whose greatest joy is to smile at strangers and get them to smile back, and that I popped my boob in her mouth at even the slightest hint of a cry. Still, to the unknown woman who brought me a cup of coffee after 7 hours of overnight travel and 6 more hours until our destination: you saved my life. May I always remember to bring coffee to strangers traveling alone with small kids.

Halloween was celebrated sometime in-between.

Pukka was Winston Churchill complete with cardboard cigar, Hubby was Trent from Daria, and I was Inappropriately Sexy Michelle Bachmann (yes, that's why my eyes look like that.)

Less than two months later, we made the trip again (this time all three of us) to celebrate Thanksgiving. Pukka got more train practice. I learned that life is infinitely easier with another helpful adult around.

Ok, catching up on EVERYTHING is taking too long. I'll pick up where I left off tomorrow :-)

Anyone else FINALLY starting on that blog they've been meaning to write? Waxing nostalgic over the newborn period? Making inappropriate comments about their family-of-origin?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There Ain't No Party Like A Caucus Party

Precinct caucuses tonight!

I love going to caucuses. I love to gather with a group of my like-minded neighbors and discuss practical ideas for making our city, county, and country a better place. I love feeling like my voice is heard. There's nothing like participating in local politics to remind a person that one vote counts!

*shiver* It just gets me all hot and bothered :-D

I brought Pukka with, because I want to get civic engagement in her blood early. Does anyone else remember voting with their parents? In the small, rural southern town where I was born they still used voting booths with curtains and buttons to push and handles to pull. It was all VERY exciting to a three year old!

This is Cora going to vote with us last November. I wanted to take a picture inside where all the voting booths were, but then I realized they might think I was trying to pull some funny business and throw me out or something. That would be embarrassing. And also a bad civic engagement example for Cora. So, we went in the hall instead ;-) But still, here's the proof--the page behind us says, in tiny letters, "Voter's Bill Of Rights." Don't ask me what's going on with her hood here, because I do not know.

We the people, yo!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The First One

In typical form I created this blog a few weeks after my daughter was born but never wrote a post. Well, that's not entirely true. I have a whole Word document saved with post ideas and partial posts, and I've even got some pictures dedicated to posts on iphoto. They just never made it here.


They weren't quite done. The blog layout needed tweeking first. I hadn't 100% decided on the direction I wanted to go. You get the picture. I often have grandiose plans, but fear of not achieving perfection keep me from implementation. And I want to work on that.

The passage of time as documented by Baby's (I think I will refer to her as "Pukka" in blog land, since that's her nickname 'round here) accomplishments says this theoretical blog has been languishing quite awhile waiting for a post. You know, we went from "sleeping all day in my arms" to "pulling herself up on the side of the couch."That's right, folks, my girl turns nine months old this week. Eep!

And so in the spirit of working on it, ta-da! I am writing a post! It's not really about anything, but it accomplishes the oh-so-important step of publishing words, so maybe next time it will be a bit easier. I won't have to worry about it not being perfect because I will have already failed at perfection. Thank goodness! A weight off of one's shoulders, amiright?

Hey look! In typical form for her, the baby "heard" me blogging and decided to wake up from her nap! Catch ya'll on the flip side. (The theoretical "ya'll," since this is my first post and I do not have any readers. But you exist in my heart, if not in reality yet!)